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Place a Stop Payment

Online stop payment requests can be placed on checking, savings and money markets accounts. You can place an online stop payment order on a single check (no 5 digit check numbers allowed) or on certain automatic debits (not Visa Debit Card).

A stop payment cannot be requested for an item that has already cleared. We will search the last 65 days with the information you provided and if we find a possible match to a cleared (or pending) item, you will not be able to continue. If it is possible the transaction cleared more than 65 days ago, please check your statements to verify it has not cleared prior to placing your stop payment request. As long as we don't find a possible match, the stop payment fee will be assessed when the order is placed whether or not the item has already cleared.
  • To place a stop payment, click “Place a Stop Payment” in the Services section under Account Management in the Customer Service menu.
  • Select the account number and the type of transaction for which you will be placing a stop payment then click "Continue"
  • Provide the details regarding the item for which you are stopping payment and "Continue"
  • Verify and “Submit” your request.
  • The confirmation page will provide a link to view your stop payment confirmation notice

Because stop payment orders are handled by computers, to be effective, your stop payment order must precisely identify the Check # and the Amount of Check (including cents); or when placing a stop payment on an automatic debit, must precisely identify the Amount of Payment. Any inaccuracies will cause your stop payment order to be ineffective.

Stop payment orders are not accepted through Online Banking between 10:30 p.m. CT on a Business Day and 1:00 a.m. the following morning.