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Update Mailing Address

Select Accounts
  • Select whether the new address will be your primary address - the address we use as your main point of contact. Your Primary Address must be the actual physical location in which you mostly reside; a Post Office Box cannot be your primary address
  • Select a date for your change of address to become effective. Please choose a date that is at least three business days from the date you are requesting the change
  • Choose the accounts on which you wish the change of address to be applied. To select all of the accounts displayed, click the box next to "Select All." To choose individual accounts from the displayed list, click the box next to each account that you wish to change. The displayed list includes all account types that are accessible within Online Banking. If you have other Commerce accounts that are not displayed (such as a mortgage or safe deposit box), and you wish the address change to apply to those accounts, please select the type of account from the drop-down list and enter the account number and click “Add”

Please note: Please allow three business days for your request to be processed. If you change your address for any deposit account, your address will automatically be changed for the debit card associated with that account.

When you've finished, please click "Continue."

Enter New Address

Please enter your new mailing address, and click "Continue." If you wish to go back to the previous screen, please click "Back."

Verify Information

Please review the information you've entered. To make any changes, click the "Edit Your Information" link at the right. To continue, click "Submit."