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Travel Notification

Select Cards

  • Select your Commerce Bank credit and/or debit card you will be using while traveling by checking "Select All" or checking each account individually. If you plan to use a Commerce Bank credit or debit card not displayed, please call 866-598-8925.
  • Select the "Travel Begin Date" and "Travel End Date" for which you will be traveling. Your Travel Begin Date can be up to six months in the future; however, your Travel End Date can be no more than one year in the future.

Enter Contact Phone Number and/or Email Address

  • Enter a Contact Phone Number where you can be contacted while traveling. If your Contact Phone Number is an international number, please include it with your destination information.
  • Enter an Email Address where you can be emailed while traveling. This Email Address does not change your permanent email address you have on file with us.

Please note: You must provide either a Contact Phone Number or Email Address, in case we should need to contact you while you are traveling.

Enter Destinations

  • Enter all destinations where you may use your cards while traveling. For domestic travel please provide the states to which you will be traveling and the countries for international travel. A specific format is not required.

Verify Information

Please review the information you’ve entered. To make any changes, click the "Back" button. To continue, click "Submit." Please allow 24 hours for your request to be processed.

Please note: To make changes or cancel this notification after you have submitted it or to contact us during your trip call 866-598-8925. If you misplace or lose your card while traveling, please call 866-598-8925.